The Story

HB1 was Created by an Australian Footballer wanting to change the game in how we travel from work or study to sport or gym.

HB1 was founded and created by elite athlete Patricia known by many as Patty.


Patty has been playing from the age of four, participating in what we know today as grassroots football in Western Sydney, Australia. She was fortunate enough to attend one of Australia's elite sporting High schools where she played alongside many current Matilda's and W-League players. Her career boasts playing alongside many National players both Domestically and Internationally and at the highest level in the UEFA Womens Champion League at the Age of 18.

Throughout her career and progression through the various levels of Football one thing was a given, each year and club, would bring a new bag. Each a different size, style and design but all with one thing in common, she couldn't store everything needed.

"Once I started to get older and playing at higher levels our team were required to complete a recovery program after training and games, I found myself carrying a lot more things in my club bag and sometimes even carrying and extra bag because I wanted to keep my clean clothes out and away from my boot bag." 

After some time Patty had a thought, 'why don't i just make my own Bag'.


'I jumped online and did some research to see what type of bags are already out in the market and started to draw mockups on my laptop and actually built my own little prototype out of cardboard and duct tape with rough measurements of what I would want in the ultimate sports bag.'

With the help of her family and eldest sister Sam and business Partner, HB1s first samples were created.

Using the samples in real situations at her own training, games and getaways to find what was needed to be changed to make the bag better i.e. materials and placements of pockets etc.

'Our goal is to create a bag that is so convenient for everyone to use in every environment.'  

'The HB1 bags are just the beginning, we are working on a lot more things to add to

 our Brand.'

Right now Patty is 25 years old playing professional football in the Australian Westfields W-League. 

Patty is enjoying her journey on and off the field.

 We are very excited to share the beginning of HB1 with everyone not just the football community